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R. Pressler Associates

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Pressler Richardson Charter School Services

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Building capacity, collaboration, and community for School Boards, School Leaders, and Charter School Founders


Each year, public schools throughout the country spend enormously on educational consulting. While much of it is helpful, too often consultants produce nothing of lasting value to schools and their students. 

At R. Pressler Associates, we have always been committed to effectively helping schools and school districts better serve students and families in tangible, sustainable ways. As part of this commitment, we have joined forces with experienced school business administrators and school operations experts to increase our capacity to provide cost-effective solutions that are aligned with your needs and your goals. Our new organization is called Pressler Richardson Charter School Services (PRCSS to our friends). Website reboot and new logo to come!

We offer a range of services that are always tailored to your specific requirements:

  • School Business Administrator/Board Secretary Services
  • Governance Trainingand Board Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Educational Program Development
  • Business Operations Review and Support
  • Charter School Incubation and Implementation
  • Charter School Renewal Applications and Preparation
  • School Facility Development
  • Leadership Coaching

We also augment our expertise through partnerships with a number of recognized experts in instructional practice and arts education program development. 

Rick Pressler, Director

For more than 20 years, Rick Pressler has served the public education community as a charter school founder, school leader, school board member, and adviser to schools and educational professionals throughout New Jersey and beyond.

His expertise has been sought by boards of education, school leaders, policymakers, school attorneys, the New Jersey School Boards Association, and the New Jersey Department of Education.

Collaborations with the Illinois Network of Charter Schools and the National Alliance of Charter Public Schools have given him the opportunity to work with educational leaders from around the country on issues such as special education, teacher training, and facilities financing. 

After nearly 10 years as Director of School Services of the New Jersey Charter Schools Association, Rick has transitioned his school support services to a new consulting venture. Schools who have sought and benefited from the Association's support services over the years will find many of the same services offered here, along with a broader range of support in a service-dedicated organization. 

Rick is a Certified School Business Administrator in the State of New Jersey. 

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Our Mission 

We strive to help schools--boards, administrators, teachers, and families--achieve their goals and create sustainable learning communities.

Our Vision

All schools will receive the support they need to build capacity and sustainability, and to align their work with the values of their community. 

Our Commitment

To provide  high quality consulting services that place schools and families first, while offering excellent value and ongoing support.